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Rethinking Global Governance


Rethinking Global Governance
Arnaud Blin, Gustavo Marin ¤ 2 January 2008

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Rethinking Global Governance
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Comments on the document

 15 Comments on this document. Comments will not be translated

> Comment submitted by Carlos Liberona on 30 May 2008
El tema de la Gobernanza ha crecido en importancia en la medida que cada día se hace más evidente que requerimos consolidar una Nueva Cultura de gobierno. Vivimos una época de rápidos cambios y de (...)
> Comment submitted by Hamilton Faria on 17 May 2008
Considerações sobre "Repensar da Governança Mundial" O texto de Gustavo Marin e Arnaud Blin aponta para uma urgência na definição de problemas e objetivos para uma governança mundial. Sem dúvida que (...)
> Comment submitted by Ricardo Jiménez on 13 May 2008
miembro de la Red de Responsabilidades Humanas - Asamblea Regional Ciudadana del Cono Sur. Me parece un documento importantísimo que plantea cuestiones que están al centro de la crisis evidente y (...)
> Comment submitted by Gustavo Marin on 7 April 2008
La chute de l’Union soviétique en 1991, plus que le choc du 11 septembre 2001, a marqué la fin d’une très longue période de l’histoire internationale, celle dite de l’« équilibre ». Depuis cet événement (...)
> Comment submitted by Charles Harper (USA) on 6 April 2008
I did carefully read the paper and would like to make some brief comments from the point of view of someone who has been quite involved in situ with the churches and human rights movements in (...)
> Comment submitted by Makarand Paranjape (India) on 2 April 2008
The paper is brilliant, but some preliminary responses: 1. It is totally Eurocentric. This is not just a methodological problem but an ethical one. The world simply doesn’t (never has) worked (...)
> Comment submitted by Abdallah Zniber (France) on 10 March 2008
Je trouve le document très dense et riche avec des références historiques et même philosophiques particulièrement pertinentes. La question d’une nouvelle gouvernance mondiale est posée d’une façon (...)
> Comment submitted by Francis Wilson (South Africa) on 1 March 2008
I have read the Blin-Marin paper… Clearly they are focusing on what seems to me likely to be the central problem of the 21st century. … Apart from fleeting and quite inadequate references to (...)
> Comment submitted by Siddhartha (India) on 1 March 2008
I have stated that the following points may bear further looking into: 1. The role of ethics, values and spiritualities in creating the climate to create better governance. It is my feeling that (...)
> Comment submitted by Patrice Mompeyssin (France) on 15 February 2008
Usage de la force et gouvernance L’usage de la force militaire permet d’atteindre des objectifs tactiques, opératifs (sur un théâtre) ou stratégiques (manoeuvre de pions sur un échiquier), mais pas de (...)
> Comment submitted by Manfred Rosenberger (Allemagne) on 12 February 2008
1. La structure du document me paraît plus claire dans sa première partie (introduction, héritage historique, effet de rupture) que dans la partie principale. 2. "La structure tripartite" que vous (...)
> Comment submitted by Jean-René Bachelet (France) on 11 February 2008
Le texte sur "la gouvernance mondiale", mériterait un commentaire plus développé et mieux étayé que celui que je vais vous faire. D’abord 2 remarques dans l’usage des mots et des concepts. la (...)
> Comment submitted by Pierre Calame (France) on 25 January 2008
[Quand vous dîtes que] “c’est bien connu que les pays démocratiques ne se font pas la guerre entre eux”, il me semble que c’est beaucoup plus controversé que cela. A force de “définitions strictes”, (...)
> Comment submitted by Ben Quiñones (Philippines) on 18 January 2008
The point where the paper posits the role of an ethical paradigm in a new architecture of global governance is the very foundation from which a new, solidarity economy can be articulated. Most (...)
> Comment submitted by Dwain Epps (USA) on 13 January 2008
I liked the description of the historical development of international relations from the Treaty of Westphalia forward. I agree with the judgment that the present structure of global governance (...)

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